Long Nails And Vintage Handbags

I love long manicured nails and one of my weekly beauty treatments is a home manicure.

During my relentless searches for vintage handbags and other acquisitions, I am frequently disappointed to find nail scratch marks on the front, along the top and around the clasp of vintage handbags, where they have been grabbed or picked up.

This is mainly a problem for bags made from calf aand other soft leathers; I have not found this to be too much of a problem on patent leather, crocodile and the miriad of faux leathers in existence, although they can also be damaged by scratching if handled aggressively.

Removing or disguising these scratches can be difficult mainly because polish, whilst being a good medium for renovating leather, has a horrible habit of transferring onto other items (remember your lovely socks at school after you polished your Birthday sandals) and the last thing any woman wants is polish smudges on her lovely outfit.

I have currently been using Woly cream polish to polish up marks and scratches on shoes and bags, with good results. Woly make polishes in numerous colours and you can even take your item to the shoe repairer and have them order the colour in, although during my latest shopping expedition, I did manage to find a new brand of non transferable polish and I will write about that at another time after I have put it to the test.

If like me, you love your long nails, you might wish to prevent scratching the leather in the first place and this can be done by simply folding your fingers in and using the pad of the thumb and the knuckle of the forefinger to open your vintage handbag.

When cleaning or moving bags around, wearing a pair of white cosmetic gloves or any plain fabric cotton gloves will go a long way to preventing scratches and will prevent polish and other cleaning materials from getting under your nails thus spoiling your manicure.

Don’t be put off  if you find a bag that you like with a few scratches, then try a bit of Woly polish.  Remember a bag that is 60 plus years old is just as likely to show some wear in just the same way anything that has been around for that length of time will.

Vintage Girl Nicole